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The following people have donated to CrystalOne Radio, we thank them all:

Paul L.
Robert S.
The Guy James Show
Aaron H.
Chazz (Tony)
Evan P.
Jeffrey S.
Paul B.
Graciano V.
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Robert S.
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Written by Infiniti8   
Dec 05, 2005 at 09:33 PM
Do you want to fill your dreary workday and boring commute with laughter, music, and Howard Stern? Would you like to start your mornings with hilarity??

Welcome to CrystalOne.net!

Since 2003, when CrystalOne arose from the ashes of the failed radio ventures of others, our mission has simply been to be "The best goddamn radio station on the Internet". We accomplish this everyday by bringing the listeners great media, content, music, talk, and Howard Stern to everyone that doesn't have Howard Stern in their area.

Here at CrystalOne, our work is entirely supported by donations by cool people like you. We are all volunteers and we offer CrystalOne.net for free. If you can donate something, your support is appreciated. Plus, it's good karma, and great things will happen to you for the rest of your life. ;) Donations will continue to be used wisely, paying for the bandwidth used by all the listeners. Thank you.

Many of you probably still remember us streaming on Shoutcast 8 years ago with a small 30 slot server. We believe these new ways of content/media distribution are the future, and should be available for everyone around the world to enjoy. So we strive to bring you the best media content the world has to offer.

Although it may seem like it, CrystalOne.net is not a huge corporation with unlimited funds to buy millions of gigs of bandwidth in order to deliver The Howard Stern Show to all the millions of poor, disheveled Stern fans around the world who don't have Howard Stern in their area. Premium Donators pay for upgrades to the site and for the rest of you to be able to listen to Howard Stern. Ask anyone, bandwidth costs a lot of $$$$. Because of Premium Donators, we have enough bandwidth to keep the station running for all the listeners who enjoy the free stations.

Message to New Donators:

"Dear Donators,
We'd like to welcome you and thank you for donating to CrystalOne. Please realize that without your donations CrystalOne [Talk] would no longer exist because bandwidth costs are prohibitive. Now that CrystalOne [Premium] exists, we have bandwidth to keep the station running for all the listeners who use CrystalOne [Talk]. Thank you again, and continue enjoying CrystalOne.

-CrystalOne Team"

Message to Howard Stern:

"Dear Mr. Howard Stern,
(if you ever read this)

We love you Howard! Please give us a job! We'd love to work for The King of All Media doing what we do, but officially, of course. Thanks for all the years of entertainment."

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CrystalOne [Music]

CrystalOne Music
-Currently Playing-
Anouk - For Bitter Or Worse

CrystalOne [Talk]

CrystalOne Talk - The Howard Stern Show 24/7
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Howard Stern Show - 12.10.2018

Premium Howard Stern

CrystalOne Premium I
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Howard Stern Show - 12.12.2018

Talk II

CrystalOne Talk II
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Opie with Jim Norton 03.17.2016

CrystalOne [DMB]

CrystalOne DMB
-Currently Playing-
Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going

Premium HS II

CrystalOne Premium II
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Howard Stern Show - 12.12.2018

Premium Stern Classics

CrystalOne Classics I
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Howard Stern Show - 04.01.1996

Premium SC II

CrystalOne Classics II
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Master Tape Theater 03.07.2008-Howard Stern Show 08.08.2002

Premium SC III

CrystalOne Classics III
-Currently Playing-
www.CrystalOne.net - Howard Stern Show 11.30.1995

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